Ecomotive is a social enterprise working to create more sustainable and affordable homes and communities by supporting and enabling self build and custom build group projects.

See a short film taken during one of our training sessions.

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Self build at a community scale – where people work alongside each other to design and build their own homes – helps create stronger and more empowered neighbourhoods.

With growing interest from the government and local authorities, and new funding sources becoming available, our goal is to make community-scale self build a mainstream housing option.

Whether you are an interested individual, an established self build group, a local authority, a developer or other building professional, we can help you with your custom build project through our comprehensive range of support services.

Interested in finding out more?

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What makes Ecomotive unique?

We present exciting and more affordable alternatives to mainstream housing developments; encouraging government, local authorities and developers to recognise the benefits of community-involved housing developments.

We provide inspiration, advice, training and mentoring to individuals, groups and agencies that want to develop community-involved housing projects.

We enable successful community involved housing projects, supporting groups, residents and developers with services throughout the feasibility, planning, design and construction processes.

We develop our own housing projects that are in keeping with our vision.

We help make homes more energy-efficient by offering services including Code for Sustainable Homes assessment and SAP assessment.

We are a grassroots organisation – a social enterprise and workers’ co-operative with no external shareholders to answer to.

We are here to help YOU to join the growing movement of people self-building a better future for ourselves and our children.